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On Invitation to Out of the Wings and on Becoming Virtual

Underlining the practicalities We held the Invitation to Out of the Wings evening on 4 March because we wanted people to see for themselves that we are an inclusive  community, that it’s easy to join and that the invitation is always open. Very often, when we explain what we do, people don’t believe how simple […]

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Final Night – “The Language of the Mermaids” by Mariana de Althaus

The Language of the Mermaids – A Review by Angelina Llongueras In this play a threatening sea is a powerful presence confronting a very superficial and well-to-do family that seems to live in an unshakable world of their own, where their pretence of their assumed social ‘importance’ keeps them from realizing the danger they are […]

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Reading Review- “Reality – The Final” by Michelle Ferreira

The world – the set of characters – that inhabit Reality – The Final is no longer made up of ‘sex, drugs, and rock and roll’, but rather a world of ‘plastic, drugs, and a TV show’.

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Festival Kick OFF – “False Alarm” by Virgilio Piñera

Opening the 2018 Out of the Wings Festival of theatre in translation with False Alarm, written by Cuban Virgilio Piñera and translated by Kate Eaton, has served to kick off proceedings with subtlety and levity.

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January 2018 – Karl Marx, Año Zero / Karl Marx, Year Zero. (Chile, 2017)

Karl Marx, Chile

How to translate the work of Benjamín Galemiri? How to give it a ‘landing place’ here, in London, in 2018? I have to say that I approached the translation of Karl Marx Año Zero with real trepidation. It is infernally difficult. Just as it is infernally difficult to direct, to embody, to act.

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