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April Reading – Numancia (Spain,1585)

Numancia is a play that has haunted me ever since I first read it, thirteen years ago. I feel that it is a play that very much speaks to the times that we live in, and especially the conflict in the Middle East, where innocent civilians suffer so much as their cities are reduced to ruins, and entrenched positions make it so difficult to broker peace.

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The Out of the Wings Festival returns to the Cervantes Theatre in July 2018  

Now in its third edition, this year’s festival will include a day-long symposium event and three translation-themed workshops, alongside the usual five evening readings of translated plays from the Hispanic and Lusophone world.

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// CALL FOR PRESENTERS // Worldmaking on Stage: Theatre Translation Research as Practice A One-day Forum for Theatre Translation Practitioners and Researchers

We invite short proposals for ten-minute provocations or twenty-minute presentations engaging with any of the topic areas below. These need not be in Spanish or Portuguese.(…)

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