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‘It’s a phenomenal exchange of work across countries.’ Actor Lanna Joffrey on working with Out of the Wings

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Our Evening with Out of the Wings draws closer and today we’re sharing more reflections from our friends and collaborators.  Lanna Joffrey has performed at two of our festivals and has read several at our monthly meetings exploring new translations of plays from throughout the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world and from all eras. “Is a […]

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‘It has taken what was a little known fact about me… and made it a major selling point.’ Gigi Guizado on the impact of Out of the Wings

As we prepare for our forthcoming Evening with Out of the Wings, we’ve asked some of our members and collaborators to talk about how working with Out of the Wings has impacted their work and creativity. Here, from Las Vegas, translator and actor Gigi Guizado talks about how discovering Out of the Wings online led […]

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