“This city of yours, of columns and enchantment, is submerged… And there are deaths, epidemics of nostalgia, sadness…I am under the sea. They abandoned me. One by one I saw them leave. That is the price you pay for death when you are over one hundred years old: to see the sea submerging you and the world left in ruins.”
Written by Abilio Estévez
Translated by Kate Eaton
Santa Cecilia: Andro Cowperthwaite
Cuban nengón composed by Bryan Muñoz
Lyrics based on a poem by
Luisa Pérez de Zambrana (El canto de mi madre, My mother’s song)
Sung by Dunia Correa
Crown of flowers by Angelina Dove
Lit and recorded by Andro Cowperthwaite
Edited by Jonathan Wolff
Directed by Mary Ann Vargas