PEN International Translation Day 2022

We are delighted to be included in the English PEN programme to celebrate International Translation Day 2022. On September 30 at 15:00 BST, join us in person in London, or online via Zoom, for our encounter with NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN by the Brazilian playwright Claudio Simões, translated into English by Almiro Andrade.
Like all our monthly table reads, this will be a friendly and informal gathering to explore a new translation for the first time, chaired by our director Catherine Boyle. No knowledge of Portuguese is required. We will read the play together, and then discuss the work and the translation into English. It really is as simple as that! All are welcome, and volunteer readers, please raise your hands!
To join us, sign up to our mailing list here. You will receive details of the located if you are attending in person, and the Zoom link if you prefer to join online. Or for any questions, email us on
We look forward to seeing you!

Out of the Wings Festival 2022

Out of the Wings (OOTW) presented its sixth annual festival of theatre from Iberia and Latin America. From 19 to 23 July, hosted by Omnibus Theatre, Clapham, a series of staged readings brought to life works by six playwrights, in new English translations and in the UK for the first time, alongside workshops and other events.
From 15th-Century Mallorca to 21st-Century cyberspace, #OOTW2022 spanned time and space like never before. OOTW’s sixth festival – its third at Omnibus – united playwrights across oceans, centuries and generations, exploring themes of identity, gender, borders, and the search for connection, autonomy and home, through comedy, poetry and drama.
Born out of a collaboration between its co-founders and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s acclaimed Spanish Golden Age season, OOTW has been bringing English translations of theatre from the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds to the UK and beyond since 2008.


Wanted a pillbox,
ended up with a plastic bag

Daniel Dannery (Venezuela)
Translated by Mary Ann Vargas


On the edge

Luis Edoardo Torres (Mexico)
Translated by Stephen Brown


The girl who was Cyrano

Guillermo Baldo (Argentina)
Translated by Sebastián Gutierrez

The fisherman´s shortplay

By an unknown,
Early Modern Mallorcan playwright
Translated by
Richard Huddleson/Riocárd Ó hOddail


I will wipe men off
the face of the earth

María Velasco (Spain)
Translated by Kelsi Vanada


The door closed and the house was small

Ricardo Neves Neves (Portugal)
Translated by Sarah S Greenwood


◉ Lengthy Lyric and Terse Verse: Translating the Poetic Worlds of Early Modern Iberia

◉ Translating for Young Audiences

◉ Feminists Translates


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OOTW Festival 2022


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