Hello, hola, olá!
Out of the Wings returns in 2019 for our fourth annual festival of theatre from the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world. Over five days, we stage readings of new English translations of works by playwrights from five countries, alongside workshops, talks and events in a celebration of theatre in translation.
Our 2018 festival featured plays from Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Spain and Peru, with a sell-out performance on our closing night. These included a 90-year-old classic presented in English for the first time, a Quechua-speaking mermaid from Peru, a brand-new play from Spain only recently premiered in its home country, an absurdist comedy from one of Cuba’s most celebrated writers, and an extreme version of reality TV from Brazil. Join us in July and see where our travels will take us, and you, in 2019.
Out of the Wings began life as a research project, leading to a unique archive of plays from Spain and Spanish America: outofthewings.org.In recent years we have grown to include work from Portuguese-speaking writers, and have developed into a collective of theatre artists, researchers, producers and other colleagues, all with the shared goal of showcasing and exploring international theatre.
We’re busy all year round! Out of the Wings meets every month to read and discuss new translations of Spanish- or Portuguese-language plays. We welcome new members and love discovering new work. To learn more, email info@outofthewings.org.
For more details, find us on ootwfestival.com, on Twitter @outofthewings or on Facebook facebook.com/outofthewings.


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