Tiny Man in a Bottle

“I am a tiny man who lives in a bottle. The worst thing is boredom. Living in a bottle is more deadly than living in an empty city, where there’s nothing to do and people go to bed early to dream that they’re going to the cinema or the theatre….”


Written by Abilio Estévez
Translated by Kate Eaton
Tiny Man:Ángel López-Silva
The voice of Tiny Man’s father:Irene Eyzaguirre
Mario:Beto Benites
Margarita’s voice: Lanna Joffrey
Sound design:Camilo Menjura
Tiny Man has been lit and recorded by the actors themselves.
Edited by Jonathan Wolff
Digital consultancy and support in Lima:Beto Benites, Gaby Yepes
Digital support and consultancy in Chile:Patricio Soto-Aguilar
Digital support and consultancy in London:Jonathan Wolff
Directed by Mary Ann Vargas