Out of the Wings Festival 2023

July 11-15

Out of the Wings returns for its seventh annual festival of theatre in translation from the worlds of Spanish-, Portuguese- and Catalan-language playwriting, and beyond. Commencing with the Out of the Wings Forum at King’s College London, the week continues at Omnibus Theatre with play readings from five different countries, all in English translation and in the UK for the first time.
Our 2023 play readings bring work from Nicaragua and Panama to our line-up for the first time, as well as plays from Catalonia, Argentina and Brazil. From a 20th-Century classic to new writing of the 21st, the plays of #OOTW2023 share stories across borders and explore universal themes of family life, the impact of conflict, the fight for human rights, the role of the artist, and the search for purpose in a confusing and fractured world.

Tuesday 11th July

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Forum & Workshops

Worldmaking on Stage: Community-building in and through Theatre Translation


Tuesday 11th July

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The Myth of Gravity

Xavier Stanziola (Panama)
Translated by Alexander Aguayo


Wednesday 12th July

A green giraffe

The Taxidermist

René Piazentin (Brazil)
Translated by Sughey Ramírez


Thursday 13th July

A purple bird standing on a branch.

The Peasants Walk the Pathways

Pablo Antonio Cuadra (Nicaragua)
Translated by William Gregory


Friday 14th July

An orange compass pointing north.

The Future

Helena Tornero (Spain/Catalonia)
Translated by Helena Buffery


Saturday 15th July

A blue 'on air' radio sign.

The Anemone and the Boar

Mónica Maffía (Argentina)
Translated by Sophie Stevens



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I WILL WIPE MEN OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH by María Velasco (Spain), translated by Kelsi Vanada Ángel López-Silva & Gigi Gizado. Photograph by Terry Cripps.


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