UPDATE: The Line-Up for the #OOTW2019 Post-Show Events

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We have great news that four of the playwrights featured at our #OOTW2019 festival will be flying into London to be with us for our week of sharing plays from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.  Because of this, we have slightly re-jigged our line-up of post-show events to give our audiences a chance to meet them and learn more about their work.  Read on to learn more.


Day one of our festival features the one-day WORLDMAKING ON STAGE forum and our first reading, Gabriela Aguilera’s CASSANDRA, SANDRA. To celebrate the official opening of this, our fourth festival and our biggest yet, please join us after the show in the Omnibus Theatre bar for a complimentary drink (while stocks last) and a toast to the week ahead and the beautiful breadth and depth of theatre in translation and its power to bring us to closer together.


Day two features our first interactive workshop, TRANSLATING RADIO DRAMA, and our second reading, from Portugal, FERNANDO AND HIS GRANDMOTHER.  As well as being a playwright, author Armando Nascimento Rosa is also an accomplished musician and singer of Portuguese music including the world-famous Fado.  Following the performance, accompanied by guitarrist Bernardo Martins, Armando will sing a selection of songs in the Omnibus Bar.  (And we hear that it might be a special day for another reason, too…)


Day three and we’ve another workshop, PLAYING THE REAL, and a reading of leading Urugayan playwright Raquel Diana’s HER OPEN EYES.  Following the reading, join Raquel and Cuban writer Abilio Estévez (see his play on Saturday) for an informal question-and-answer session about their work, the festival, and theatre across the Spanish-speaking world in the Omnibus Bar (where the Uruguayan Embassy has also kindly invited us to a glass of Uruguayan wine: ¡salud!)


Day four: our final workshop, OBJECTS, EMOTIONS AND THE TRANSLATED PLAY, is followed by the biting satire BAD JOKE by Catalan playwright Jordi Casanovas.  Jordi and Armando Nascimento Rosa join us in the Omnibus bar after the reading for another author Q&A.


Day five already? This last day of our festival features a double-bill of work from Cuba and Colombia: Abilio Estévez’s FREDDIE and Rafael Guizado’s COMPLEMENTO.  We have no formal post-show plans for this closing night of #OOTW2019 but please do join us to relax and celebrate the end of another wonderful week of theatre, translation, and international exchange.


All week, our pop-up OOTW bookshop will be selling a small selection of plays from the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world, all in English translation.  More details soon…

The Out of the Wings Festival 2019 will take place from July 30 to August 01 at the Omnibus Theatre, Clapham.