Date: Wed 31 July
Time: 2:00 – 5.00 pm


In ‘Translating Radio Drama’ we will explore the processes and particular demands of translating for the radio. Working on examples from texts by the founder of Colombian radio theatre, and working with experienced radio drama producers, we will test explore the specific demands of writing translations for the radio.

Once again Out of the Wings celebrates the theatre of Rafael Guizado, the founding father if radio theatre in Colombia. This acts as an inspiration for a workshop that asks what it is to translate for the radio. Are particular plays suited to be heard? What does the radio alter the imagination and practice of the translator? What are the particular creative challenges and opportunities when translating for radio? We will explore these and other questions with experienced radio drama producers, and we will test some scenes for production as radio drama in the 21st century. Theatre translation always relied on a collective experience, and the theatre translation is always aware of the ways in which scenography, lighting, the sight of the actors and the palpable presence of and relationship with the audience.

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