Susannah Finzi is a writer for the stage with full productions of Cuts! and Reunited (Gloucester, 2012), Blind Eye (Lisbon and Theatre503, London, 2014) and a staged reading of Grand Tour (London, 2017). She is currently collaborating with Portuguese director Miguel Guerreiro on Complicity, a screen version of the Blind Eye story and material for a group of short films.
Her translation of Armando Nascimento Rosa’s A Mae Biologica de Marilyn Monroe (The Real Mother of Marilyn Monroe) premiered at the Luciole International Theatre in Houston Texas in May 2017 and was the opening show of the Out of the Wings “Mostra” in London in July. During 2017 she also translated his Antigona Gelada (Frozen Antigone) and Menino de sua avó (Fernando and his Grandma), about Fernando Pessoa and his demented grandmother.
Reality – The Final is Susannah Finzi and Michelle Ferreira’s first collaboration.
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