Susannah Finzi is a playwright who first started working on an English version of scripts for the stage with Armando Nascimento Rosa when he appeared in a play of hers, Blind Eye, in Lisbon (2014). Her translation of his A Mae Biologica de Marilyn Monroe (The Real Mother of Marilyn Monroe) premiered at the Luciole International Theatre in Houston Texas in May 2017 and was the opening show of the Out of the Wings “Mostra” in London in July of the same year.
In a first collaboration with Michelle Ferreira, an award-winning Brazilian playwright, screenwriter and director, Susannah’s translation of her Reality – the Final was staged in London as part of the Out of the Wings Festival 2018 at the Cervantes Theatre, Southwark.
Oberon Books (London) is publishing an anthology in English of seven plays by Nelson Rodrigues, arguably Brazil’s greatest playwright, of which Susannah translated Toda Nudez Sera Castigada (All Nudity Will be Punished) and Perdoa-ma por me Traires (Forgive me for your Betrayal). The translation is shared with Almiro Andrade and Daniel Hahn and the anthology will be launched in June 2019.
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