Armando Nascimento Rosa is professor in the Theatre Department of Lisbon’s Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Cinema and one of the most successful Portuguese playwrights to emerge in the 21st century. Author of thirty original dramatic works, including two opera libretti, he has had productions or staged readings of his plays in Madrid, London, New York, Zurich, Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, Barcelona, Milan, Chicago, Houston and Ithaca. He is the author of 21 books of original plays and essays on drama including translated plays into English, Spanish, French, Italian, Catalan, Greek and Serbian and is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards.
His plays published and produced in English in the UK and/or the USA include An Oedipus – The Untold Story (2006), Tunnel of the rats – A dark comedy (2007), Mary of Magdala – A Gnostic fable (2010), Hypatia’s last lesson (2010), and Doctor Feelgood (2011). Other unpublished plays in English include Lia in the Land without Batteries, and Columbus’ Island, both translated by Lydia Munday in 2016.
A Mãe Biológica de Marilyn Monroe premiered in Lisbon in Portuguese in 2016 and as The Real Mother of Marilyn Monroe (translated by Susannah Finzi) in Houston, Texas in May 2017.
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