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Ramiro Silveira
Flloyd Kennedy
Alice Lavander
Rufus Graham
Najla Andrade
Juliana Pflaumer
Fernanda Mandagara’
Thomas Nolan
Video Maker
Jorg Wagner
Costumes and Props
Caio Sanfelice
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By: Michelle Ferreira
Translated by: Susannah Finzi
The afternoon room is very depressing. It’s not enough to be fucked up, you have to be fucked up and listen to Kenny G. It’s a lot to contend with.
In Reality – The Final we’re witnessing the last weeks in the life of a once-celebrated soap opera actress with cancer who is persuaded to participate in a reality TV show. The characters involved are variously psychopathic, self-absorbed, foul-mouthed and narcissistic and they inhabit a voyeuristic spectacle-addicted world which produces “extreme entertainment” such as this reality show where the last to die wins and where we are the studio audience. However in confronting the crises of fractured family relationships, drugs, illness, financial ruin and imminent death these people show themselves to be all too human and at times even sympathetic. The writing demonstrates an originality and such an ability to “tell it the way it is” that a subject that might appear morbid is as comic as it is profound. Reality – The Final is a comedy which obliges us to reflect on life – and its limits.
· About the author Michelle Ferreira
·About the translator Susannah Finzi

Najla Andrade & Flloyd Kennedy. Photograph by Terry Cripps.

Photograph by Terry Cripps.