Creative Team
Mary Ann Vargas
Wendy Carolina Torres
Jorge Robinet Benites
Cast in order of appearance

Elvira/Mia Soteriou
Felix/William Hope
Margot/Gigi Guizado
Paul/Andy Buzzeo
Camille/Tessa Bonham-Jones
Richard/Liam Lau Fernandez
Mermaid/Chusi Amorós

Vocal and musical assistance
Bettine Solf
Quechua consultant
José Navarro
Sound design
Birte Widmann
Special thanks to, Susana de la Puente, Eliane Correa and Jonathan Martin

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By: Mariana de Althaus
Translated by: Mary Ann Vargas
The ocean doesn’t like it when you snatch away what belongs to it. Can’t you hear the
ocean? It’s furious.
A family gather for drinks on the beach ignoring weather warnings about an impending tsunami. Suddenly, a huge wave washes up a mermaid. She speaks in Quechua, a language they don’t understand.
· About the author Mariana de Althaus
·About the translator Mary Ann Vargas

Photograph by Terry Cripps.

Photograph by Terry Cripps.