Mariana de Althaus (Lima, 1974) studied Literature at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. The plays she has written and directed include: Tres Historias del Mar (Three Love Stories), Volar (To Fly), La Puerta Invisible (The Invisible Door), Ruido (Noise), Efímero (Ephemeral), La Mujer Espada (Sword Woman).

She’s also written two testimonial pieces for the theatre, Criadero (Breeder’s) and Padre Nuestro (Our Father). In 2007, Mariana received an Iberescena grant to write, El Lenguaje de las Sirenas (The Language of Mermaids). In 2010 her piece, Entonces cayó Alicia (And then Alice Fell), won a new writing competition in Lima (Teatro Británico).
Her plays have been performed internationally in festivals such as, FILBO (Colombia), Santiago a Mil Festival (Chile) and Cadiz Festival (Spain).
In July this year, she’ll be taking part in Miami’s Festival Internacional Hispanoamericano with, El Sistema Solar (The Solar System).
In 2012 Alfaguara editorial published three of her plays under the title, Dramas de Familia (Family Dramas).

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