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By: Estela Golovchenko
Translated by: Sophie Stevens
You never bothered me. Fine. But for you to erase history, our history, you who were the protagonist. That I can’t understand.
Ready or Not is the meeting between a young woman and her estranged father. It explores the difficulty of reconciliation when this involves dealing with abandonment, hurtful memories and the present, rather than the past. They meet in government buildings because her father is a Senator and during the conversation, the young woman tries to reconcile the man before her, and the public image that he has created, with the memories that she has of a loving father who was a political activist. As they talk for the first time in years, they try to find out if it is really possible to break with the past.
· About the author Estela Golovchenko
·About the translator Sophie Stevens

Cast Rehearsal. Photography by Terry Cripps.