Sophie Stevens is a researcher, theatre translator and practitioner. After completing her PhD on Uruguayan Theatre in Translation at King’s College London she worked at the University of Warwick where she developed an innovative translation programme for Modern Languages students. She is currently Research Associate on the Language Acts and Worldmaking project translating and investigating female dramatists and how, through their work, they act as agents of cultural change.
Her recent collaborations include: Summer in December, New Spanish Playwriting Season (Cervantes Theatre, 2017), Blackboard Theatre Company, Pedro and the Captain (Vaults Festival, 2016), Arcola Youth Theatre, Translation Plays: Intercultural Workshops (Arcola, 2015). For Out of the Wings, Sophie translated Ready or Not by Estela Golovcheko (2017) and Raquel Diana’s Dancing Alone Every Night for the collective’s inaugural week of readings in 2016. The translations of these two plays will be published in her forthcoming book, Uruguayan Theatre in Translation: Theory and Practice.
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