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by Pablo Antonio Cuadra (Nicaragua) , translated by William Gregory
Two by two,
Ten by ten,
A hundred by a hundred,
A thousand by a thousand,
The peasants walk barefoot
With the jacket and the gun…
First produced in 1937, Out of the Wings brings a major classic of Nicaraguan theatre to the English-language stage for the first time. Set in rural Nicaragua in the 1920, Pablo Antonio Cuadra’s tragic tale of life in a time of war sees one family torn apart by civil war, exploitation and occupation. Buffeted and bewildered by political and personal conflicts Sebastiano and Juana strive to keep heart and home together even as their son is conscripted and their daughter subjected to the violence of occupation, while a local doctor’s greed threatens their very livelihood.
One of Nicaragua’s most important plays, The Peasants Walk the Pathways was originally conceived as street theatre, with the ranch in which Sebastiano’s family make their home as one of the central characters. Staged many times throughout the last century, and adapted for the radio, film and television, this reading is the first time the play has ever been performed in English.
Pablo Antonio Cuadra (1912-2002) was a Nicaraguan poet, essayist, short-story writer and playwright, and one of the principal figures of the Central American vanguardismo. Not only did his work have a great influence on the arts in Nicaragua, he also worked intensely to promote and disseminate literature throughout the country. In addition to his literary activity, he worked as a journalist, taught at universities and carried out diplomatic missions.


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