A rotten apple representing the play Shopping Centre Paradise


Lucy Phelps, Alexander Mushore, Tom Machell.
Photograph by Mariana Medic.

Tom Machell, Lucy Phelps.
Photograph by Mariana Medic.



by Laura Rubio Galletero (Spain), translated by Rachel Toogood
Adam and Eve are in Paradise – a multi-storey shopping centre that claims to offer everything they want. They are presided over by the enigmatic proprietor, archangel Uriel, who tantalises them with choice. As their relationship strains at the edges, they grasp at the things that they think will solve their problems: a baby, a job, sandals that are the right shade of mustard. But Adam can’t afford anything, and Eve desires it all. Tempted by the prospect of a new life, and growing increasingly impatient with Adam’s apathetic state, Eve starts to question the value of love. A funny, searching play that asks how to be happy in a world that is constantly demanding us to want more.
The translation of Shopping Centre Paradise was made possible with support from the Fundación Sgae.

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Creative Team

Sibylla Archdale Kalid
Tom Machell
Alexander Mushore
Lucy Phelps