A rotten apple representing the play Shopping Centre Paradise
Laura Rubio Galletero (Barcelona, 1979) is a playwright and teacher with a degree in History of Art from UCM and Playwriting from RESAD. She is the co-founder of two theatre companies Yo/la peor de todas and Sra_Rojo and member of a third, Arquetípicas. More than a dozen of her plays have been performed nationally, in Greece (Derrumbe), in the alternative theatre scene in Spain (such as Nave 73), in national theatres (such as the Centro Dramático Nacional) and in 2021 in the USA (in Spotlight on Contemporary Spanish Theater) and in Canada in 2022 (in the Women Playwrights International Conference Montreal), both with The Glass Ceiling.
Her plays have been published in Spain (by Ediciones Antígona, ADE, Fundación Sgae, Esperpento, Sial Pigmalión…..), Greece and the USA and have been translated into English, French, Greek and Gallego. Her play El techo de cristal will be presented in English and French at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2022 with a translation grant from AC/E and through Ediciones Antígona.
She has been awarded several writing prizes and grants, for example from the Sgae Theatre Lab (2020), the Venice Biennale (2015), the University of Pisa – Prima del Teatro (2009), two grants from Cuarta Pared (2009 and 2011), the Festival of Almagro Foundation (2015), the UIMP and the UNIA (2010 to 2017). She has also received a grant from the La Caixa Galicia Foundation (2010) for Proyecto Bruckner, the international prize Galerías IV de la Cárcel del Segovia for Derrumbe (2016) and was a finalist in the second Alfred de Musset prize for adaptation for her version of La Entretenida by Miguel de Cervantes (2019). Her most recent plays En tránsito (Sra_Rojo. 2020), Blanca, 45 (2019) and Los Boulanger (Arquetípicas, 2020) are currently on tour.
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