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Marta Carvalho, Pepa Duarte, Franko Figueiredo, Federico Trujillo, Elliott Bornemann.
Photograph by Mariana Medic.

Pepa Duarte, Federico Trujillo, Marta Carvalho.
Photograph by Mariana Medic.



by Alexandre dal Farra (Brazil), translated by Rodrigo Haddad
In an apparently mundane context, a few people start disappearing – or escaping -, who knows where, who knows why. A woman, alongside her husband, tries to understand what’s going on. As she dives into an ever-growing and unending search for answers, the path leads her to learn that perhaps she may never really find them.
Using this premise – which echoes some aspects of Theatre of the Absurd, with authors such as Samuel Beckett and others – the play deals with many contemporary subjects such as paranoia, alienation as a way to attempt to save oneself from a hard reality, and the disappearance of utopia as a perspective guiding an individual’s experience.
“WOMAN – After a long pause.
When the First Great War started, people became happy. Did you know that? People were going to war to die, to kill, but still… they were happy. Lots of people. It´s strange, isn´t it? They had been waiting so long for something that when it finally came, they celebrated, you know? Even if the thing that came was a horrible war.
I sometimes feel like that too, I think. Just like those people. As if that might happen to me some day. In a little while.
…you know?”
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