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Almudena Ramírez-Pantanella
Craig Talbot
Krzysia Balinska
Peter Losasso
Jilly Bond
George Potts
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By: Almudena Ramírez-Pantanella
Translated by: Sarah Maitland
You know what I wanted to be when I was little? Master of the universe. I wanted to be master of the universe.

Master of the universe? Who’s bullshitting now?

Two lost souls, separated by a train platform. A shocking event that will change one commuter’s life forever. Miguel, a confident young intern in a flashy suit, seems to have it all. He’s got a cushy job waiting for him when he finishes his placement in the city, and he has a nice middle class family egging him on.
For the moment, he’s the master of all he surveys. But what happens when events take a course of their own, and the very things you thought were sure in life don’t make sense anymore? What happens when your only hope is hopelessness and the only thing you can depend on is yourself? What happens when the masters of the universe find they no longer have any power?
· About the author Almudena Ramírez-Pantanella
·About the translator Sarah Maitland

Photograph by Terry Cripps.

Jilly Bond, Peter Losasso, George Potts, Krzysia Balinska & Craig Talbot. Photograph by Terry Cripps.