A stethoscope representing the play you Shall Love.


Richard Glaves, Sammy Attalah, Chloe Wigmore, Marcello Cruz, Luciano Dodero. Photograph by Mariana Medic.

Marcello Cruz, Chloe Wigmore, Sammy Attalah, Camila Ymay González. Photograph by Mariana Medic.



by Pablo Manzi (Chile), translated by Camila Ymay González
Do doctors have enemies? Do they treat everyone equally? Do they prefer one kind of patient over others? In You Shall Love (Tu amarás) a group of doctors prepare their exposition for a conference on humanitarian aid. In the process enquiries and tensions will surge questioning their ideas on diversity, enemy and violence.
Created by Chilean company Bonobo the play has been presented in Santiago, New York, Milan, Groningen, and Brussels.
According to company’s playwright Pablo Manzi and Co-Director of the Chilean original version Andreina Olivari: “We are keen to work with social settings where discrimination occurs rather implicitly and, in many cases, unconsciously. The aim is to explore how an enemy is created in places where we believe they don’t exist.”

· About the author Pablo Manzi

Creative Team

Camila Ymay González
Sammy Attalah
Marcello Cruz
Luciano Dodero
Richard Glaves
Chloe Wigmore