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Xavier Stanziola is a writer, university professor, and researcher. He has received the highest National Literary Award in his country for three of his plays: De mangos y albaricoques (1996), Solsticio de invierno (2002), and Hablemos de lo que no hemos vivido (2008), and for his novel, Hombres enlodados (2012). His most recent plays, Cristo Quijote Tratado (2017) and RE:Versiones (2019), merge historical research with a distinct Panamanian queer performance style. He writes short stories for one of the largest newspapers in Panama, La Estrella de Panama, and for the cultural Central American cultural magazine (Casi) Literal. In July 2023, he will direct his new play, La pura pureza de la luz, dealing with lived experiences of sexual harassment of women in academia in Panama.


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