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By: Cláudia Barral
Translated by: Almiro Andrade

A UK premiere from Brazil

“Rottenness is manifest in every human being. Without exception. There are people with rotten souls and it takes more than a shower to clean a soul.”

The Blindman and The Madman brings us the story of two brothers, weakling civil servant Lazaro and his haranguing older brother Nestor, who is a former artist, now blind. Whilst waiting for a female neighbour to visit, they reminisce about their lives and settle old scores. Can their neighbour be heard over their intense argument? Will she ever come? Their fight comes to a head with a sad revelation for both men where, engulfed in their memories, they must come to terms with their concept of reality and what can actually be seen.

· About the author Cláudia Barral
·About the translator Almiro Andrade

Creative Team

Director: Camila França
Assistant: Almiro Andrade