Rafael Guizado (1909-1984) served as the Colombian delegate to the League of Nations in Switzerland, and as the private secretary to President Eduardo Santos. In 1940, he founded Colombia´s national radio station, La Radiofusora Nacional. He created the continent’s most prestigious radio theatre by forming a theatre group at the government station, which promoted Colombian authors and broadcasted a new wave of original works as radio plays. He was also credited with cultivating a national appreciation of classical music by broadcasting the works of the great masters. In the spirit of cultural renewal, he experimented with new forms of modern theatre and inspired the public to embrace more challenging works than were popular at the time. His plays, and those by other authors of the Los Nuevos and Piedra y Cielo literary movements, were adapted directly from the radio to the stage of the national theatre. The 1941 season, which presented several of his works including Brazos Caídos, set a new literary standard in Colombian theatre.
As a playwright, he was noted for his monologues, subtle humor, sarcasm, lack of excess, technique, delicateness, poetic style and primordial themes. His most widely known work is the full-length fantasy Complemento. His experience in the world of politics is reflected in Renuncia Ministerial: Cuentos Politicos which includes the one-act Scherzo.
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