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Helena Buffery (1969). Senior Lecturer at University College Cork, Ireland, where she teaches and researches in Iberian Studies, contemporary Spanish and Latin American Theatre, Translation Studies and Catalan language and culture. She has published widely on different aspects of contemporary Catalan literature, theatre and culture, including a number of articles and essays on contemporary Catalan dramatic writing. Her books include Shakespeare in Catalan: Translating Imperialism (2007, translated into Catalan in 2010), Stages of Exile: Spanish Republican Exile Theatre and Performance Cultures (2011) Barcelona: Visual Culture, Space and Power (with Carlota Caulfield, 2012), and most recently Here and Beyond: Narratives of Travel and Mobility in Contemporary Iberian Culture (with Sergi Mainer, David Miranda and Martin Veiga, 2022) and Modern Literatures in Spain (with Elena Delgado, Jo Labanyi, Kirsty Hooper and Mari Jose Olaziregi, 2023). Her translations from Catalan include The Book of Deeds of James I of Aragon (with Damian Smith, 2003, 2010 etc), Maria-Mercè Marçal’s The Passion according to Renée Vivien (with Kathleen McNerney, 2020) and works by Francesc Serés, Victoria Szpunberg, Gemma Gorga etc.


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