Guillermo Baldo is a director, playwright, actor, teacher and the head of theater company La Mucca. In 2015 he was given a scholarship to study drama at UNAM (Mexico City) and in 2017 he received the “Outstanding Youth” award by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina and Agencia Cultura Córdoba. As a playwright, he has been awarded the National Award for Children and Teengagers Dramaturgy in 2017 by the National Institute of Theater for this play “La niña que fue cyrano”. His pieces have been published by INT, UNC and CELCIT. In 2017 he was chosen by BIENAL DE ARTE JOVEN (Buenos Aires, Argentina) to represent Córdoba and participate in art residencies in the theater field of the ENCIENDE BIENAL DE BUENOS AIRES, at Centro Cultural Recoleta. As a director, he has worked in He nacido para verte sonreír, La madrugada en que los perros conocen a Dios, La niña que fue Cyrano, Nunca nadie murió de amor excepto alguien alguna vez, Sensación Cuarteto, Cerdas, La cuarta casita, Mi propio jardín de flores rojas and Santo Ortega. His productions have been recognized with different awards and mentions. He has participated in international and local theater festivals. In the last years he has been doing stage and dramaturgical research on theater production for children and teenagers, with focus on taboo topics for young audiences, especially those related to gender issues.

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