Creative Team
Greg Thompson
Tota: Sandra Voe
Tabo: David Fielder

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By: Virgilio Piñera
Translated by: Kate Eaton
What about the consequences? Have you thought about the consequences?
When you’re dead there are no more consequences, the last consequence was to die…
Two pensioners are terrified of death. They love each other and hate each other in equal measure. They invent macabre games to ward off their fear of death, their fear of loneliness and their fear of each other. Every day fear forces them to play the same games over and over again. They try to kill fear but fear will not die. Each evening they have used up all their reserves of resistance and strength and each morning they wake up again to fight another day….
· About the author Virgilio Piñera
·About the translator Kate Eaton

Sandra Voe & David Fielder.

Sandra Voe, Greg Thompson & David Fielder. Photography by Terry Cripps.