(VENEZUELA. 1984) Bachelor of Arts from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (Central University of Venezuela, UCV) Major in Cinematography, Diploma in Teaching Component from the Universidad Simón Bolívar (Simón Bolívar University, USB) and Diploma in Contemporary Art: Body Decrypted, from the Universidad de los Andes (Andes University, ULA). Theater director, producer and playwright. He has staged texts by Pascal Rambert (The End of Love, 2022), Sergio Blanco (Kassandra, 2019), Jordi Casanovas (I.D.I.O.T.A., 2018), Paco Bezerra (The Little Poni, 2018), Arístides Vargas (Flowers Plucked From The Mist, 2018), John Logan (Red, 2017), among others. As a playwright, he has written a dozen plays for the theatrical training workshops of the Skena Theater Group, including his musical adaptation of Animal Farm (George Orwell, 2017), his musical The Silent World of Ferdinand Loüys (2010) and Bromeo y Pirueta (2009). Other groups have staged his texts: Far Away (2020) The Braids (2018) and his adaptation of The Anarchist Banker (Fernando Pessoa, 2017). He is the recipient of the Fernando Gómez Award (2021), AVENCRIT (Venezuelan Association of Theater Critics) Award for Best Playwright (2019), Isaac Chocrón Award for Best Playwright (2018) and Marco Antonio Ettedgui Award (2017). He has worked as a jury of film and theater festivals: Caja Negra Festival (2020) FESTDIVQ (2017), International Creative Writing Contest (2015) and FESTIVERD (2014). He is a professor in the School of Arts of the Universidad Central de Venezuela (Central University of Venezuela, UCV). Member of the Collective of Ibero-American Scene Creators (CICE), creator and producer of the “Ibero-American Meeting of Playwrights” (2020).

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