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By: Raquel Diana
Translated by: Sophie Stevens

A UK premiere from Uruguay

“There are so many people out there, everywhere, it’s impossible to be alone. And phones, texts, emails, television, satellites, Internet.”

Dancing Alone Every Night is a touching and humorous imagining of one woman’s experience of afterlife. It takes as a starting point the true story of the death of a woman, Joyce Vincent, in London in 2006. She was found alone, slumped in front on her TV, which was still playing, having remained there for approximately two and a half years. Raquel Diana uses black comedy to explore violence, relationships and social welfare and to pose questions about remoteness within our own communities, extreme disconnectedness made possible by a closed door and vulnerability so fierce that it renders certain people invisible.

· About the author Raquel Diana
·About the translator Sophie Stevens

Creative Team

Director: Camila González
Assistant: Sophie Stevens
Cast: TBC