Born in Salvador da Bahia in 1978, Cláudia Barral is a psychoanalyst, writer and an actor who trained at the Theatre School of the Federal University of Bahia. She works in various fields of literary production as a playwright, screenwriter, short story writer and poet. O Cego e o Louco (The Blind Man and The Mad man), her first full-length play, won the COPENE Award 2000, and a version for TV Cultura was produced in 2007. Cordel do Amor Sem Fim (Never-ending Love Cordel) won the Funarte Award 2004 with a version scripted for TV in 2010. In 2007 she wrote O Terceiro Sinal (Noises Off) to mark the 50th anniversary of the alma mater’s Theatre School, and in the same year Hotel Jasmin (Hotel Jasmine) won Heleny Guariba de Dramaturgia Feminina prize. The play was later adapted into a short film with the same title (2013). In her work as a playwright / dramaturg working collaboratively with theatre groups, Cláudia has lent her talents to the Teatro Castro Alves Theatre Group (Dias de Folia [Revelry Days], 2010), Casa Laboratorio Ensemble (Estudo sobre o Urbano/ Figurantes [Urban Studies/Extras], 2008) and Cambaio (Bowlegs, 2000), a musical by Chico Buarque de Holanda and Edu Lobo, directed by João Falcão. In addition to the participation of artists such as José Lewgoy, her work has been produced by great names of Brazilian theatre namely Cacá Carvalho, Celso Júnior, Paulo Gracindo Júnior, Othon Bastos, Harildo Déda and Francisco Medeiros.

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