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By: Griselda Gambaro
Translated by: Gwen MacKeith

A European premiere from Argentina

“Each one was alone, as if they weren’t brothers and sisters, as if they didn’t know one another, their hearts exposed.”

From Argentina, Griselda Gambaro’s As the Dream Dictates follows Ana in her dreams and desires, although the characters she invents rebel against her simple and wishful designs. She longs to be free, to be loved and cared for unconditionally, yet her dream is governed by rules of its own.

Our point of view moves fluidly between Ana, her Protean older brother, the nostalgic old man she cares for, and the despotic director of the old people’s home in which he resides. And then there’s Ana’s unpredictable sister-in-law who is both capable of cruelty and herself the victim of domestic abuse.

There is no vaccine in this dream against the intrusions of reality, nor can reality be immune to the dictates of the dream. If there is no refuge from pain in dreaming, what else is there to do but face up to the past and learn again what it means to dream?

· About the author Griselda Gambaro
·About the translator Gwen MacKeith

Creative Team

Director: Sue Dunderdale
Assistant: Cristóbal Pizarro
Cast: TBC