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By: Virgilio Piñera
Translated by: Kate Eaton
A false alarm my friend. A false alarm.
A Murderer is brought before the Judge and is made to face the Widow of the man he has killed. The Judge is vituperative and the Widow demanding of vengeance then suddenly both Judge and Widow change their clothes and their demeanour and seem to forget the Murderer’s very existence. They torture him with their nonsensical non-sequiturs and their penchant for dancing to the strains of the Blue Danube. The Murderer is reduced to begging the Judge and the Widow to remember their roles and to try him for the crime he has committed.
· About the author Virgilio Piñera
·About the translator Kate Eaton

Elliott Bornemann.Photography by Terry Cripps.

Lucy Phelps & Almiro Andrade. Photography by Terry Cripps.